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'Happy places', demystifying therapy and saying 'no': a well-being podcast with Helen Conway

I do a lot of talking and writing about mental health, but this podcast for Women in Family Law has to be one of the pieces of work of which I'm the most proud.

I co-hosted this podcast with Helen Conway, a District Judge in Liverpool, a trained coach and an advocate for workplace wellness issues. As Helen puts it, we've both had our serious skirmishes with mental health in the recent past. Unsurprisingly, we care deeply about the issue of wellbeing in the profession.

In line with Stiff Upper Lip's overriding theme of unflinching honesty, both of us share our personal experiences, as well as tips for managing our mental health in lockdown.

Have a cheeky listen and keep your eyes peeled for other wellbeing podcasts from Women in Family Law.

Helen and I recommend various books and resources which I set out below. A disclaimer that, unlike Helen, I'm certainly not trained in any sort of mental health or wellbeing issues. These are simply resources that I found helpful personally.

Reasons to Stay Alive, Notes on a Nervous Planet and The Humans by Matt Haig

Jog On by Bella Mackie

Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8-week course - there are lots of providers, including the British Mindfulness Institute and Palouse Mindfulness.

This Too Shall Pass by Julia Samuels

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